• Modern Genetic Analysis

Modern Genetic Analysis

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Even though genetically predisposed individuals may lead a healthy lifestyle, they have an inherent risk of contracting a disease, independent of environmental factor, unless the risk factors are properly addressed. The book mainly focused on the selected topics of genetics, which are currently being or are likely to be introduced into clinical practice. Focusing on the underlying principles of modern genetic analysis, this book deals with 'how' and 'why' of the essential analytical tools needed. Genomic technology is now being utilized in more settings across society than ever before, including medicine, population health screening, recreational consumerism, through to policing and crime prevention. 

Print ISBN: 9781682518670 | $155 | 2022 | Hardcover

Subject: Life Science

Editor: Pasquale Babiloni

About the editor: Pasquale Babiloni received his Master´s degree in Biomedical Research and his PhD in Oncology. He has teaching experience of more than10 years. He has keen interest in animal genetics, breeding and reproduction. He has undertaken several independent projects, participated in several seminars and conferences, and published his work in internationally peer-reviewed journals.