• Gene Analysis Techniques

Gene Analysis Techniques

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Looking at history in brief, genetics is the term introduced for the study of genes in organisms. Many early discoveries contributed as important milestones to evolve the study of genomes as it is applied today. Since the sequence of the human genome is complete, the main issue is how to understand the information written in the DNA sequence. Despite numerous genome-wide studies that have already been performed, the challenge to determine the function of genes, gene products, and also their interaction is still open. As changes in the human genome are highly likely to cause pathological conditions, functional analysis is vitally important for human health. The present book aims to describe the most frequent and widely-used methods for comprehensive functional analysis. 

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Subject: Life Science

Editor: Jaime Rincon

About the Editor: Jaime Rincon is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biology. With a Ph.D. in chemical engineering, he has broad knowledge and experience in several fields of molecular and synthetic biology, genetics, evolutionary and protein engineering, and bioprocess engineering, using diverse microorganisms including Escherichia coli. He is the recipient of several national and international awards.