• Synthetic Biology: Parts, Devices and Applications

Synthetic Biology: Parts, Devices and Applications

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Synthetic biology enables life technologies to design, synthesize, test and deploy antigens and variants with rapid results, high expression, and capacity. It also enables life technologies to develop immunogens engineered for efficacy and high titer and produce rapid assays for the purification of the immunogens. Synthetic Biology offers innovative approaches for engineering new biological systems or re-designing existing ones for useful purposes. The book covers the synthesis of DNA and genome engineering and presents a discussion of the parts and devices that control protein expression and activity. This book also offers several important areas of synthetic biology which allow us to read and understand easily. 

Print ISBN: 9781682519028 | $160 | 2023 | Hardcover

Subject: Life Science

Editor: Viktor Donders

About the Editor: Viktor Donders has a Ph.D. in Natural Sciences and is an Assistant Professor of Molecular Cell Biology. He has authored more than 180 contributions in the field, including scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and research communications. He has served as a review member for more than 20 scientific international journals.