• Antibodies and Antigens

Antibodies and Antigens

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Antigens and antibodies play vital but distinct roles in illness and disease. One tries to wreak havoc on our health while the other fights to protect it. Simply, antigens can make you sick, and antibodies are how your body defends itself against antigens. The function of antibodies (Abs) involves specific binding to antigens (Ags) and activation of other components of the immune system to fight pathogens. The book deals with the structure, types, and functions of antigens and antibodies.

Print ISBN: 9781682519035 | $160 | 2023 | Hardcover

Subject: Life Science

Editor: Winfried Banzer

About the Editor: Winfried Banzer served as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Medicine. His expertise areas are cancer research, microbiology, molecular biology, tissue culture, drug delivery, cell-based assays, and phytochemical analysis. He has been a plenary speaker at scientific conferences and a member of scientific committees. He is a specialist in issues related to Genetic Toxicology, Mutagenesis, and Ecotoxicology.