• Principles of Genetics and Genomics

Principles of Genetics and Genomics

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Genetics is the study of genes, heredity, and genetic variation in living organisms. Genomics, on the other hand, focuses on the analysis of entire genomes, including genes, their interactions, and functions. The principles of genetics and genomics underpin advancements in fields such as personalized medicine, genetic engineering, and the understanding of inherited diseases. This book introduces the fundamental principles of genetics and genomics, exploring the inheritance of traits and the role of genes in biological processes.

Print ISBN: 9781682519882 | $165 | 2024 | Hardcover

Subject: Life Science

Editor: Sarena Stupak

About the Editor: Sarena Stupak, PhD, serves as a guest faculty member in the genetics department. With expertise in weed biology and ecology, she has authored numerous papers and research articles, primarily focusing on integrated weed management. Presently, her research revolves around the investigation of weed seed loss in vegetable crop rotations. Dr. Stupak is dedicated to developing strategies that either conserve weed seed predators or enhance other factors to minimize the impact of weeds on agricultural systems.