• Bacterial Toxins: Mechanisms of Action and Therapeutic Potential

Bacterial Toxins: Mechanisms of Action and Therapeutic Potential

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Bacterial toxins are substances produced by certain bacteria that can cause harm to host organisms. Research in this area investigates the mechanisms of toxin production, release, and their effects on cellular processes. Understanding bacterial toxins is crucial for developing strategies to diagnose, prevent, and treat bacterial infections. Researchers study the structure, function, and modes of action of bacterial toxins to design targeted therapies, such as vaccines and antitoxins, to neutralize their harmful effects. Additionally, knowledge of bacterial toxins aids in the development of antimicrobial agents and the implementation of measures to control the spread of toxin-producing bacteria in various environments. This book investigates the mechanisms by which bacterial toxins affect host cells and explores their potential applications in therapeutics.

Print ISBN: 9781682519875 | $165 | 2024 | Hardcover

Subject: Life Science

Editor: Jessica Jonathan

About the Editor: Jessica Jonathan, PhD, is an Associate professor in the Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, specializing in the biology of toxins. Her research encompasses the synthesis, secretion, and transport of toxins from bacterial cells to host cells. She also studies how toxins attack the machinery of host cells. His work sheds light on various aspects of toxin biology.