• Magnetic Materials and their Applications

Magnetic Materials and their Applications

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Magnetic materials encompass a wide variety of materials, which are used in a diverse range of applications. Magnetic materials are utilized in the creation and distribution of electricity, and, in most cases, in the appliances that use that electricity. It is difficult to imagine a world without magnetic materials and they are becoming more important in the development of modern society. The need for efficient generation and use of electricity is dependent on improved magnetic materials and designs. The book discusses the principles and concepts behind magnetic materials and explains their applications in the fields of physics and engineering. 

Print ISBN: 9781682519356 | $165 | 2023 | Hardcover

Subject: Physics

Editor: Russell Ozawa

About the Editor: Russell Ozawa received his Ph.D. degree in control theory and operations research. He published more than 50 papers and 2 books. He proposed the estimation methods for the time-invariant and time-varying parameters of nonlinear systems and the adjustment method on the adaptability of the time series model based on uncertain system control theory. He also proposed a new strategy for the reconstruction or prediction of observations or signals with uncertain dynamics based on Taylor’s formula and the theory of tracking differentiators.