• Fundamentals of General Veterinary Pathology

Fundamentals of General Veterinary Pathology

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Veterinary pathology underpins all aspects of clinical disease management in animals. This book provides a significant role in the diagnosis and etio-pathological studies of important diseases of different species of animals and poultry. The scope of the current book is the study of diseases—genetic (or epigenetic), molecular, cellular, tissue, organism, and herd levels in animals. The emphasis is on animal welfare as well as improving the health and well-being of human beings, whose lives are intricately linked to and dependent on animals that serve as food, companions and workers. 

Print ISBN: 9781682518144 | $155 | 2022 | Hardcover

Subject: Animal and Veterinary Science 

Editor: Marie Salon

About the editor: Marie Salon holds PhD in Veterinary Medicine. She is working as Assistant Professor in Veterinary Clinical Complex with the specialization in Veterinary Medicine. She has served as Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy for five years. She also has several technical publications to his credit.