• Mathematical Modeling: Models, Analysis and Applications

Mathematical Modeling: Models, Analysis and Applications

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Mathematics reveals hidden patterns that help us to understand the world around us. Hence the objective importance of mathematical analysis as a means of studying functions. Mathematical analysis, in the broad sense of the term, includes a very large part of mathematics. This book is a comprehensive introduction to the key theoretical perspectives, issues of empirical interest, and challenges facing experts and practitioners that have shaped this thrilling discipline. Topics covered in this book include real analysis, complex analysis, inequalities, numerical analysis, and numerical analysis in abstract spaces, differential equations, difference equations, partial differential equations, optimization, multivariate analysis and all the other fields of their applications. The book will be of great interest to researchers and professionals whose work involves the use of mathematical analysis. 

Print ISBN: 9781682517611 | $160 | 2021 | Hardcover

Subject: Mathematics and Statistics

Editor: Aydin Yazdi