• Solid Lubricants and Surfaces

Solid Lubricants and Surfaces

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Solid lubricants are critically important for the safe and smooth operations of numerous tribologic systems. Lubricants provide effective lubrication when the surface area (metal to metal or metal to plastic or plastic to plastic etc.) comes in contact and the prevalent speed at that moment allows for effective formation of oil film and the temperature range falls within the limit. The book details the properties of solid surfaces, clean surfaces, and contaminated surfaces as well as discusses the structure. 

Print ISBN: 9781682519370 | $165 | 2023 | Hardcover

Subject: Physics

Editor: Daniel Margain

About the Editor: Daniel Margain holds Ph.D. in Material Science. His main areas of expertise include power quality, (marine) renewable energy, smart grids, energy efficiency, and lighting applications. His research interests include harmonic problems in power systems, power quality, renewable energy, smart grids, energy efficiency, optimization, green energy, and economics. Dr. Daniel is the author or co-author of many refereed journals and conference papers. He has published more than 110 journal and conference papers, ten book chapters, and seven edited books with various publishers.